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Substances the Dog Treats You Buy Should Not Contain


The fact that your dog needs some dog treats doesn't mean you should buy any of the dog treats you come across. It is true that most dogs love eating dog treats even without minding the quality or where they were bought. However, the dog owner should be sensitive not to buy dog treats that will cause some problems to the dog. It would be a great thing if the treats would be all celery and carrots. However, this has not worked since those who have tried this several years ago didn't succeed. The next day you are on your way to buy dog treats, you need to be cautious about some things while at the store and where possible avoid them.


Anyone who loves their pet would buy them whatever form of usa dog treats as long as they are tasty and appealing. Nonetheless, it is in most instances not good to buy treats with animal by-products. If you are the quality of the dog treats you buy and not just the quantity, consider buying treats made of lamb meat, beef or chicken. In most cases, meat by-products include what has been left over and is always not fit for human consumption. Remember your pet should eat what you can't eat. Such leftovers in a meat by-product include feathers, feet, ears, lungs, bone, and spleen.


On the other hand, you should avoid buying dog treats containing preservatives and food coloring. Of course, the dogs may not care much about the colored treats but you should if you love your pet. If you didn't know, most of the preservatives and dyes people use to make some treats are carcinogens that may cause any form of cancer to your pet. Moreover, these preservatives and dyes are known to cause skin rashes and other ailments associated with the pet's immune system. You may not look at the container or the label to identify these preservatives. Some of the common preservatives present in some dog treats include the BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin, click here!


Where possible, you should also avoid dog treats containing grain fillers. Although some people assume that grain fillers are good because they come from wheat and corn, they are in most cases unhealthy for dogs. These grain fillers act as food extenders. If your dog feeds on treats with grain fillers for several weeks, they may accumulate a lot of carbs in their body. These carbs would eventually contribute to obesity. To most dogs, the end products of these grain fillers cause allergic reactions and digestion problems. For further details regarding dog treats, go to https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/healthy-homemade-dog-trea_b_5977148.html.